onsdag den 28. december 2011

after Christmas

Now Christmas is over - farewell to all the lovely foods of duck, gravy, potatoes, etc. - it was lovely, but not just good for my "slim-line" (still looking for that one).
So today I thought it was time to "break-in" a present we got during Christmas ... a beautiful, lime-green (my favorite colour) wok! :-D

I have a good friend - a commuter just like me - Pong. We meet on the train almost every day after work. She is from Thailand, and she lend me this lovely cook-book of Thai recipes (luckily in English) - and promised support if any trouble! ;-)

I decided to try one of the recipes today - and I did it all by myself.
I chopped up all the vegetables and meat:
and started following the recipe ...

It turned out like this:
It didn't turn out just like the picture of the book - but still looked OK ! :-D

Well, - the end-result was OK - was missing some seasoning (maybe). But I am not discouraged at all - I just need some practice!

I wish everybody a great New Year!

søndag den 18. december 2011

Ready for Christmas!

Finally ... I am ready for X-mas. I can honestly say that I feel quite peaceful!
I am working again on my hexagon quilt ... check it out here: http://thevignettehexagonquilt.blogspot.com/

I managed to finish my table runner in the begin of December - my X-mas 2011 project:
It turned out really well! :-)
I have given myself the task that every year to make a new project for the home.

Last year I made the Christmas tree "carpet":
Jørgen has made the "request" that for next year I make some nice Christmassy Pillowcases ... well, let's see! :-D

Just to keep in the Christmas spirit ... here a picture of our tree:
I also worked on some other small projects ... these baskets are really easy and fast to make ... but look amazing:

So, what are my plans for the new year ... well, I got a lot of small projects ... but the major task is going to plan our wedding ... invitations to create, plans to make, etc. ... YES - we set a date and the church is booked: 4th August 2012 !!!! :-D

I wish you all an incredible X-mas!

Holiday greeting from,