søndag den 16. oktober 2011

Well, another week-end almost over ... but got started on a great new project.
After a lovely Saturday morning with my "mother in law" - brunch & shopping (I bought a beautiful new pair of boots), I had the energy to get started on a Christmas table-runner.
I am subscriping a fabric-package from stofpakken.dk - where I receive 5-6 FQ's of various colour-coordinated fabrics once a month. Last time it was a Christmas package - and that inspired me to make a tablerunner from the fantastic designer, ANNAKA - Højtids-engle.

So - our dining room table gets turned into a work-table ... sewing machine out, ironing board & iron, cutting mat & cutter ... and of course many fabrics.
Here you can see the mess - but it is coordinated mess:

It probably lucky that my man is sitting on his oil-rig on the North Sea! ;-)
At the moment dinner is eaten at the coffee table in front of the TV.

So - here is what I got done till now:

... so now I just have to add some more of my angels ... by applique - 3 on each end:

Will I get it ready for Christmas??? - well, maybe ... :-D