søndag den 25. september 2011

Hi ... my very first entry on my own blog.
It takes some courage ... and really time to learn this program ... but I find it a fun way to share some of my ideas & projects ... and show friends, family ... and even total strangers ... what is going on here at our home.
Well, even though it was meant to show some of my projects ... what I will share with you now is actually a project of Jørgen (my fiancé). For a couple of years we have had fun trying to grow chili-plants on our balcony ... and believe me, it is not easy in the climate of Denmark. It has actually turned into a little competition between my mother, his mother, and his brother ... who gets the best and most chilies! :-D
Well, here is a picture of our harvest!
Jørgen has been busy with needle and threat (which is actually my expertise)! :-)

Some of the chilies had not yet turned all ripe ... but actually they are starting to change colour now !

Next year, we are definitely going to try again ... maybe some new types ?!
We really like spicy food !

Have a great day ... looking forward to sharing some more news from Randers next time! :-D