søndag den 10. marts 2013

Cross-stitch - my first hobby

I do not remember when I started doing cross-stitch ... I have done it forever! :-)
It was my first hobby ... and even today, even though other crafts have my interest, I always return on a regular basis to the craft that was my first passion: cross stitch!

These pictures are some of my favorites, and they are hanging on my the wall in my "studio" ... and YES, they are made in cross-stich!:

Another fun project, would be this "owl-pillow" - it just makes me smile!
... and my mother needed a birthday card the other day ....
... but my current project, is something for our kitchen ... I have no idea when it will be finished ... but it is quite fun & modern:

So, that was a small update from my cross-stitch universe!
Currently I am also working on quite a few patchwork projects ... maybe they will be the topic of my next update ... who knows .... :-D