onsdag den 28. december 2011

after Christmas

Now Christmas is over - farewell to all the lovely foods of duck, gravy, potatoes, etc. - it was lovely, but not just good for my "slim-line" (still looking for that one).
So today I thought it was time to "break-in" a present we got during Christmas ... a beautiful, lime-green (my favorite colour) wok! :-D

I have a good friend - a commuter just like me - Pong. We meet on the train almost every day after work. She is from Thailand, and she lend me this lovely cook-book of Thai recipes (luckily in English) - and promised support if any trouble! ;-)

I decided to try one of the recipes today - and I did it all by myself.
I chopped up all the vegetables and meat:
and started following the recipe ...

It turned out like this:
It didn't turn out just like the picture of the book - but still looked OK ! :-D

Well, - the end-result was OK - was missing some seasoning (maybe). But I am not discouraged at all - I just need some practice!

I wish everybody a great New Year!

søndag den 18. december 2011

Ready for Christmas!

Finally ... I am ready for X-mas. I can honestly say that I feel quite peaceful!
I am working again on my hexagon quilt ... check it out here: http://thevignettehexagonquilt.blogspot.com/

I managed to finish my table runner in the begin of December - my X-mas 2011 project:
It turned out really well! :-)
I have given myself the task that every year to make a new project for the home.

Last year I made the Christmas tree "carpet":
Jørgen has made the "request" that for next year I make some nice Christmassy Pillowcases ... well, let's see! :-D

Just to keep in the Christmas spirit ... here a picture of our tree:
I also worked on some other small projects ... these baskets are really easy and fast to make ... but look amazing:

So, what are my plans for the new year ... well, I got a lot of small projects ... but the major task is going to plan our wedding ... invitations to create, plans to make, etc. ... YES - we set a date and the church is booked: 4th August 2012 !!!! :-D

I wish you all an incredible X-mas!

Holiday greeting from,


søndag den 16. oktober 2011

Well, another week-end almost over ... but got started on a great new project.
After a lovely Saturday morning with my "mother in law" - brunch & shopping (I bought a beautiful new pair of boots), I had the energy to get started on a Christmas table-runner.
I am subscriping a fabric-package from stofpakken.dk - where I receive 5-6 FQ's of various colour-coordinated fabrics once a month. Last time it was a Christmas package - and that inspired me to make a tablerunner from the fantastic designer, ANNAKA - Højtids-engle.

So - our dining room table gets turned into a work-table ... sewing machine out, ironing board & iron, cutting mat & cutter ... and of course many fabrics.
Here you can see the mess - but it is coordinated mess:

It probably lucky that my man is sitting on his oil-rig on the North Sea! ;-)
At the moment dinner is eaten at the coffee table in front of the TV.

So - here is what I got done till now:

... so now I just have to add some more of my angels ... by applique - 3 on each end:

Will I get it ready for Christmas??? - well, maybe ... :-D

søndag den 25. september 2011

Hi ... my very first entry on my own blog.
It takes some courage ... and really time to learn this program ... but I find it a fun way to share some of my ideas & projects ... and show friends, family ... and even total strangers ... what is going on here at our home.
Well, even though it was meant to show some of my projects ... what I will share with you now is actually a project of Jørgen (my fiancé). For a couple of years we have had fun trying to grow chili-plants on our balcony ... and believe me, it is not easy in the climate of Denmark. It has actually turned into a little competition between my mother, his mother, and his brother ... who gets the best and most chilies! :-D
Well, here is a picture of our harvest!
Jørgen has been busy with needle and threat (which is actually my expertise)! :-)

Some of the chilies had not yet turned all ripe ... but actually they are starting to change colour now !

Next year, we are definitely going to try again ... maybe some new types ?!
We really like spicy food !

Have a great day ... looking forward to sharing some more news from Randers next time! :-D